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The cemetery of the 366 pits

Naples is a city steeped in mysteries, best described by its legends rather than its history. Frightful, encrypted occult legends that inevitably lead to the wretched castle, adwelling dripping with the blasphemous experiments that were carried out there by the Prince of San Severo during the eighteenth century. How did Raimond di Sangro light the eternal flame? Who helped him channel Vesuvius’ underground energy through the bowels of Naples to turn on the time machine? Who were they and what was their role in the anatomic machines?

A secret hassurvived the streets of Naples by word of mouth for two hundred years, but the superficiality of the modern world has putit into despicable hands, sly hands that will use it to change the course of history and get their hands on the city.

Three young friends will be catapulted into the fascist Naples of an alternate 2011, generated by a historic path abused, where the 1943 Guastatori were cowardly murdered and the people of Naples were beaten in four days.

An exciting journey into the tangle of tunnels that run beneath Neapolitan soil, where a slimy, silent, and endless war is taking place between fascists and partisans in a world devastated by the absence of freedom, devoured by a consolidated fascism, strengthened by a time artefact, and never welcomed in the plans of fate.

Is the time machine hidden somewhere or is it under everyone’s nose? How does it work? Can the three young people to put it in motion and get back on track?

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